Gary Michuta is a nationally known Catholic speaker, author, and apologist. He was the director of Thy Faith, Inc., a non-profit lay-run Catholic apologetics apostolate and editor of its magazine Hands On Apologetics. Gary has written several books on apologetics including Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger: The Untold Story of the Lost Books of the Protestant Bible (Catholic Answers Press, 2017; Revised Second Edition), How to Wolf-proof Your Kids: A Practical Guide to Keeping Your Kids Catholic (Grotto Press, 2009), and The Gospel According to James McCarthy (Grotto Press, 2003). His latest book, Making Sense of Mary (Grotto Press, 2013), helps non-Catholics and Catholics better understand and appreciate Mary's role in God's perfect plan of redemption. Gary has debated prominent anti-Catholic apologists and teaches online middle school and high school classes in apologetics for Homeschool Connections. He is frequently a guest on such programs as Catholic Answers Live, the Son Rise Morning Show, Catholic Connection with Teresa TomeoKresta in the Afternoon, and EWTN's Deep in Scripture and The Journey Home. Gary lives in south-east Michigan with his wife Christine their three children.


2013 - Present: Co-host for Army of Apostles Podcasts

2013 - Present: St. Paul Street Evangelization, Board of Advisors

2010 - Present: Apologetics instructor for Home School Connections online courses

2005 – Present: Apologetics instructor for the Eastern Churches Re-Evangelization Center (E.C.R.C.), West
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

2003 - 2008: Unaccredited consultant for Footprints of God: Peter: Keeper of the Keys and Footprints of God:
Mary: Mother of God.

2005 – 2006: Host of Hands On Apologetics Live Saturday morning radio talk show on Michigan Catholic Radio

2001 – 2003: Columnist for Credo Newspaper’s “Know Your Faith” page

1993 – 1999: Editor and contributor to Hands On Apologetics Magazine, a bi-monthly publication of Thy Faith Inc.

1993 – 2004: Founder and Director of Thy Faith, Inc., A non-profit ministry to help Catholics learn to share and
defend their Faith.


2013 Making Sense of Mary (Grotto Press, 2013). ISBN-10: 978-1-58188-013-7. Pages 297.

2009 How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids: A Practical Guide to Keeping Your Kids Catholic(Grotto Press, 2009). ISBN-10:
978-1-58188-011-3. Pages 137.

2007 Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger: The Untold Story of the Old Testament Canon(Grotto Press, 2007). ISBN-10:
1-58188-010-3. Pages 336.

2004 The Gospel According To James McCarthy: A Catholic Response to the Book “The Gospel According To Rome” 
(Grotto Press, 2003). ISBN 1-58188-004-9. Pages 197.

Public Debates:

1996 vs. James McCarthy on the Salvation and Good Works - WJMO AM Cleveland, Ohio

1996 vs. James McCarthy on “Authority: Scripture vs. the Church” – WJMO AM Cleveland, Ohio

2004 vs. Dr. James White on “Is the Deuterocanon (Apocrypha) Scripture?” Great Debate IX (Huntington Station, Long
Island, New York)

Selected Media Appearances:

June 7, 2004 Catholic Answers Live radio, “Apologetics In Practice”

Oct. 1, 2004 Catholic Answers Live radio, “Sola Scriptura non Scripturae”

2005 – 2006 Hands On Apologetics Live, Michigan Catholic Radio – Weekly Open-line Program (WCAR 1090 AM,
WOAP 1080 AM)

March 9, 2005 Catholic Answers Live radio, “Mary: New Eve”

May 8, 2005 The Morning Show, Michigan Catholic Radio – “How to Share Your Faith Without Making Enemies”

July 29, 2005 The Morning Show, Michigan Catholic Radio, - “Open Line”

July 26, 2006 Searching the Word, Relevant Radio – “Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger”

Aug. 1, 2006 Searching the Word, Relevant Radio – “Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger (continued)”

Oct. 6, 2006 Searching the Word, Relevant Radio – “Open Line”

Oct. 20, 2006 Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo, Ave Maria Radio Network – “Beginning Apologetics”

Oct. 26, 2006 Searching the Word, Relevant Radio – Fund Raiser Open Line

March 26, 2007 Searching the Word, Relevant Radio – "Who Changed The Bible?"

August 1, 2007 "Where Did the Bible Come From?" Guest appearance. DVD.

Monthly Guest Searching the Word, Relevant Radio, w/ Chuck Neff

August 6, 2007 The Journey Home, Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), Open Line Monday, Conversion Story

Sept 10, 2007 Catholic Answers Live, Catholic Answers (EWTN)

Oct 10, 2007 Kresta In The Afternoon, Ave Maria Radio Network (WDEO/WMAX)

Oct 11, 2007 What The World Needs Now, In His Sign Radio Network, hostess Kathleen McCarthy

Dec 8, 2008 Catholic Answers Live, "Mary as New Eve"

Sept 8, 2010 Deep in Scripture, Discuss Romans 3:1-2, 2 Timothy 3:14-17

Sept 15, 2010 Deep in Scripture, Discuss Ephesians 4:11-14

October 5, 2010 Inside the Pages w/ Kris McGregor, "How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids"

March 4, 2011 Catholic Answers Live, "Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger"

June 23, 2011 Catholic Answers Live, How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids

April 7, 2013 Army of Apostles Podcasts, Gary's Inversion Story

August 27, 2013 Kresta in the Afternoon, Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger

August 29, 2013 Kresta in the Afternoon, "Making Sense of Mary"

Sept 13, 2013 The Son Rise Morning Show, Mary's Painless Birth of Christ

Sept 19, 2013 Discerning Hearts with Kris McGregor, Making Sense of Mary

Sept 20, 2013 The Son Rise Morning Show, Mary's Two Maternal Events

Sept 27, 2013 The Son Rise Morning Show, Mary as Sign of the Restored Kingdom

Oct 4, 2013 The Son Rise Morning Show, How the Annunciation Made Jesus the Davidic King

Oct 11, 2013 The Son Rise Morning Show, Mary as the Holy City, Jerusalem

Oct 18, 2013 The Son Rise Morning Show, Mary, the Queen Mother of Christ

Oct 19, 2013 Kresta in the Afternoon, "Making Sense of Mary"

Oct 25, 2013 Son Rise Morning Show, Mary's "Birth Pains" at the Foot of the Cross

Nov 1, 2013 Son Rise Morning Show, The Madonna and Child in Scripture

Nov 8, 2013 Son Rise Morning Show, Mary: Mother of the Groom

Nov 15, 2013 Son Rise Morning Show, Mary: Virgin in Body and Spirit

Dec 2, 2014 Catholic Connections with Teresa Tomeo, Learning Apologetics

Dec 11, 2014 Catholic Connections with Teresa Tomeo, Midwest Catholic Apologetics Conference

Jan 14, 2014 Kresta in the Afternoon, The New Apologetics and Keeping Your Kids Catholic

Jan 14, 2014 Catholic Answers Live, "Making Sense of Mary"

March 3, 2014 The Journey Home (EWTN), Open Line Monday

Published Articles:

July / Aug 2011 The Catholic Answer, "Where did the Bible Come from?"

Sept / Oct 2010 The Catholic Answer, "The Best Bible for You"

Jan 2011 Envoy Magazine, "15 Myths and Mistakes on the Deuterocanon"

2001-2003 Credo Newspaper (multiple articles)

1993 - 1999 Hands On Apologetics Magazine (multiple articles)



Adult Instruction:

Beginning Catholic Apologetics (8 sessions)
Justification and Salvation
Sola Scripture (Bible Alone)
Peter and the Papacy
Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist
The Sacrifice of the Mass
Marian Doctrine (3 Part)
Communion of the Saints / Purgatory
Answering Common Objections

Theistic Apologetics (4 sessions)
Common tricks and traps of the New Atheism
Epistemology / Trusting the Senses
Proofs for God's Existence
Answering Common Objections

Pseudo-Christian Apologetics (5 sessions)
Mormonism - History and Doctrine
Jehovah's Witnesses - History
Jehovah's Witnesses - False Prophecy
Jehovah's Witnesses - Doctrines
Combating Coercive Cults

Youth Instruction:
"Offering Your Bodies As Living Sacrifices"


High School Courses:

Introduction to Apologetics (12 Sessions)
Can we really know anything?
Introduction to Theistic Apologetics
Problems with Atheism
Proofs for the Existence of God
The Unique Claims of Christ
The Reliability of the Gospels
Answering Protestant Objections I
Answering Protestant Objections II
Answering Protestant Objections III
Pseudo-Christian Apologetics (Mormons / JWs)
Pseudo-Christian Apologetics (JW / New Age)
Review, questions, and mock debate.

Defending the Bible in the Modern World (Defending the Faith Series) (10 sessions)
Which books belong to the Old Testament?
Why are Jewish and Protestant Bibles missing books?
How did the New Testament form?
Can we trust the New Testament? Is it authentic and reliable?
What is Sacred Tradition? Can we trust it?
Answering Objections: Are there "lost books" of the Bible?
Does the Bible teach that it alone is the rule of Faith?
Who is the proper interpreter of Scripture?
Answering common objections: Are there errors in Scirpture?
How to answer commonly attacked passages of Scripture.

Advanced Catholic Apologetics (Defending the Faith Series) (10 sessions)
Martin Luther and the birth of Protestantism in Germany
Justification by Faith Alone, Purgatory (objections, answers, mock dialog)
The Birth of Reformed Protestantism (Calvin, Zwingli)
The Real Presence, Sacrifice of the Mass, the priesthood (objections, answers).
The Radical Reformation (Anabaptists, Baptists).
Baptism, Confession (objections, answers, mock dialog)
The English "Reformation" (Anglicanism, Episcopalians).
Papacy and Apostolic Succession (objections, answers).
Non-denominationalism, Restoration movements, and Mega churches
How to share and defend your Faith without making enemies.

Peter and the Papacy (Defending the Faith Series) (8 sessions)
Old Testament foundations for the Papacy
Matthew 16:16-19 - The foundations of the Papacy
Examining the New Testament evidence for the Primacy and the Papacy
The Papacy in history: Historical evidence for the Primacy of Rome.
What is Papal Infallibility? - Biblical Evidence
What is Papal Infallibility? - Historical Cases
Answering Common Objections
Answering Common Objections (mock dialog)

Making Sense of Mary: Biblical Background for Marian Apologetics (10 sessions)
The Temptation and Fall of Adam and Eve
Mary's Role in God's Perfect Plan of Salvation
The First Gospel (Genesis 3:15)
Old Testament Prophesies of Mary
Mary: The Queen mother of the Kingdom
One Christ: Head and Body
Daughter Zion
The Woman of Revelation 12
Marian Apologetics
Who were the "brothers of the Lord?"

Middle School Courses:

Beginning Catholic Apologetics for Middle school I (6 sessions)
Becoming defenders of the Faith
Different ways to share your Faith
How to spot bad arguments
Tools of the Trade: How to find passage in the Bible
Tools of the Trade: Introduction to the Church Fathers
Covering all the bases: Learning about different areas of apologetics.

Summer Apologetics Boot Camp



Adult On-line Course:

Practical Catholic Apologetics (8 Sessions)
Salvation Made Simple
Bible Alone?
Peter and the Papacy
Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist
The Sacrifice of the Mass
The Intercession of the Saints
Answering objections

Audio Media

1995 Why Be Catholic I – “How To Share Your Faith Without Making Enemies,” Thy Faith, Inc., audio cassette

1997 Why Be Catholic II – “Beginning Apologetics,” Thy Faith, Inc., audio cassette

1999 Why Be Catholic III – “Salvation Made Simple” and “Mock Debate,” Thy Faith, Inc., audio cassette

2001 Why Be Catholic IV – Mock Debate I and II, Thy Faith, Inc., audio cassette

2004 The Great Debate IX: Is the Deuterocanon / Apocrypha Scripture? Michuta vs. White, DVD, Audio CD and

2007 "Where Did The Bible Come From?" St. Michael Media (guest appearance)

2007 "Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger" Franciscan University of Steubenville Summer Conference.

1995 - 2013 (Various Single Talks)

Selected Speaker Appearances:

Why Be Catholic I, II, III, IV, Peter and the Papacy Conference, Livonia, Michigan

The Great Debate IX: Is the Deuterocanon / Apocrypha Scripture?, Long Island, NY

Defending the Faith Summer Conference, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Steubenville, Ohio

Archdiocese of Detroit P.R.I.S.M. Conference, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, Michigan

Cardinal Maida Institute for Youth and Family, St. John Center, Plymouth, Michigan

Legatus Prayer Breakfast, Dominos Farms, Ann Arbor Michigan.

The Greater Detroit Ave Maria University Founders Club, Bloomfield Hills and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Michigan Catholic Home-Educators Conference, “It’s Great to be Catholic” Family and Home Education Conference, Lansing Center, Lansing Michigan and Sterling Heights Michigan.

Dayton Catholic Homeschoolers Conference, Dayton Ohio.

Indiana Catholic Home-Educators Regional Conference, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Kansas City Homeschoolers Conference, Kansas City, Kansas.

Chaldean Diocese Young Adult Convention (YAC-2013), Camp Chaldean, Brighton, Michigan.

Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center Conferences, Cincinnati Ohio.

Marian Conference XXII, Boyne Mountain Resort, Boyne Falls, MI.

Midwest Catholic Apologetics Conference I, Sterling Heights, Michigan.