Is Salvation Guaranteed? Photo

Is Salvation Guaranteed?

There is perhaps no other subject
more confusing and frustrating for
Catholics to discuss with
Protestants than salvation and the
role... Read More >

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"Scholars and laity alike will learn
a great deal from this fascinating
analysis of a critical issue in
apologetics and Church history."
- Dr. Brant Pitre

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The Claims of Christ and the Reliability of the Gospels Photo

The Claims of Christ and the Reliability of the Gospels

Society seems to be drowning in
conspiracy theories. From the
"Da Vinci Code" onwards, the
popular media has fed into this
conspiracy mania by calling into
question the very foundations of
our Faith. ... Read More >

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"I often pray that my children
will hold tight to their Catholic
faith as they grow into adults.
Gary Michuta has written a book
that will help families everywhere
carry out that noble goal."
-Maureen Wittman

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The Sacrifice of the Mass Photo

The Sacrifice of the Mass

Catholics believe that the Mass
is a sacrifice. But is that belief
biblical? And, what is a "sacrifice"
exactly? Why do we need to offer
sacrifice? Join Gary Michuta as he
breaks down... Read More >

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"Incorporated in the Church through baptism, the faithful are destined by the baptismal character for the worship of the Christian religion; reborn as sons of God they must confess before men the faith which they have received from God through the Church. They are more perfectly bound to the Church by the sacrament of Confirmation, and the Holy Spirit endows them with special strength so that they are more strictly obliged to spread and defend the faith, both by word and by deed, as true witnesses of Christ." (Vatican II, Lumen Gentium, 2, 11)

Welcome to the website! Since 1992, I've been helping Catholics more competently and confidently explain and share their Faith. For a number of years I ran a non-profit Catholic apostolate dedicated to that purpose along with publishing a popular bi-monthly magazine on practical apologetics. After marrying my wife Chris and adopting our three children, however, I decided to get away from the daily operations of running an apostolate to focus on writing and public speaking.

In addition to giving parish talks and seminars as well as teaching on-line courses in apologetics, I also authored four books on apologetics. My first book is a Catholic response to an anti-Catholic work, which had become something of a playbook for pulling Catholics out of the Church, titled, The Gospel According to Rome by James McCarthy. My response, The Gospel According to James McCarthy, takes a critical look at McCarthy's arguments and untangles several of his misunderstandings. My second book deals with one of the most important issues in Catholic apologetics, the Deuterocanon of the Old Testament. Did Protestants remove these books from the Bible or did the Catholic Council of Trent add them? Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger: The Untold Story of the Lost Books of the Protestant Bible answers this question by tracing the history of the Deuterocanon in the Church. My years working in the field of Catholic ministry provided the content for my third book, How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids: A Practical Guide to Keeping Your Kids Catholic. This book draws on my personal and professional experience to propose strategies for parents to make it more difficult for others to "sheep-steal" their children. My most recent book, Making Sense of Mary, provides an overall biblical and historical framework to help both Catholics and non-Catholics better understand how Marian doctrine fits together. As much as I love reading, I realize that not everyone has the time to sit down and read. That is why I'm excited to introduce this website.

This website is set up to help connect what I do in the field (parish and conference talks, classes, lectures, and research projects) with individuals who are interested in learning more about how to explain and defend the Catholic Faith through Scripture, history, and reason. In addition to the resources available here, those who may be interested in having me come to speak live at your parish, conference, or other venue can fill out the invitation form here and a Catholic Productions representative will be in touch with you shortly thereafter.

My hope is that through this website more and more Catholics will grow in their knowledge and love of Our Lord and become zealous to "confess before men the faith which they have received from God through the Church..." and "...spread and defend the faith, both by word and by deed, as true witnesses of Christ" (Vatican II, Lumen Gentium, 2, 11).